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Sunny Kitchen Color Palette

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Primary: #F7EBE5 (Light Cream) - This warm cream color provides a pleasant base for displaying recipes and food photos, offering a slight step up from pure white. Secondary: #F2C18D (Light Beige) - A touch darker than the primary color, adding some depth and definition to the interface. Tertiary: #C6EBC5 (Light Blue) - This calming light blue adds a touch of serenity and professionalism to the overall feel. Accent 1: #E5C287 (Warm Orange) - A vibrant orange accent, similar to citrus zest, adds a touch of excitement and stimulates the appetite. Accent 2: #416D19 (Forest Green) - Used sparingly for text and fine details, this dark green provides good contrast and readability while grounding the palette with a touch of nature.

Colors in Palette

Color Hex RGB
#f7ebe5 (247,235,229)
#f2c18d (242,193,141)
#c6ebc5 (198,235,197)
#e5c287 (229,194,135)
#416d19 (65,109,25)

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