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The Pastel Easter Eggs 2 Color Palette

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Don't Make Remakes of other palettes than arnt yours, im making My palette "The Pastel Easter Eggs" In rainbow order! To look nicer, but im not changing "The Pastel Easter Eggs" Im just making it again in rainbow order! kinda like a Pastel Rainbow but its "The Pastel Easter Eggs" in order! Hope you like it :D. And no, these arnt the same colours from the palette which is mine, "The Pastel Easter Eggs"

Colors in Palette

Color Hex RGB
#ffdada (255,218,218)
#feffde (254,255,222)
#d0ffcb (208,255,203)
#d1deff (209,222,255)
#fedeff (254,222,255)

PNG Image of The Pastel Easter Eggs 2 Color Palette

The Pastel Easter Eggs 2 color palette
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