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Elvia PrimarySignal Color Palette

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Elvia is mainly white and dark grey, with some black components and a touch of green in details such as icons, illustration and active states. Green Green shows that Elvia is ON, activated, fully charged and environmentally friendly. The green colour should be used intentionally and should not be used on large surfaces as a background. The green color are used to display when something is active/clickable on interactions. It’s also used in illustration and icons to highlight the most important or just to get a touch of the green light in between all the white and black. White White stands for light and energy. White is used as a background colour and as a text colour on darker surfaces. Black Black shows that Elvia is OFF. It’s the primary color for text and icons, but can also be used to get a dark surface. Dark (grey) Dark (grey) is the preferred dark background.

Colors in Palette

Color Hex RGB
#29d305 (41,211,5)
#262626 (38,38,38)
#ffff00 (255,255,0)
#ffa000 (255,160,0)
#ee0701 (238,7,1)

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Elvia PrimarySignal color palette
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