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80s Color Palette

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Retro, dude!

Colors in Palette

Color Hex RGB
#ff48c4 (255,72,196)
#2bd1fc (43,209,252)
#f3ea5f (243,234,95)
#c04df9 (192,77,249)
#ff3f3f (255,63,63)

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80s color palette
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18 Mar 2023, 17:18 Lenakrator

Hmm.. I put between parentheses this black was plentiful though because its cool ... but this website doesnt seem to display them.

18 Mar 2023, 17:13 Lenakrator

I was 14-24 in the eighties. I couldnt say that these colors were particularly typical. Back then, any color could occur anywhere. Except maybe the sad, dark-toned colors black was plentiful though because its cool, because the 80s were about creativity, and thats a happy mood thing.

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