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Meerrat Color Palette

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Rupert the rat-meerkat's colour scheme. Colour 1: Main body (including ears). Colour 2: Eyes, hair, fur around the nose, stripes on his back, back fifth of his tail, fur of mound around the base of the tail, and the birthmark/splotch on top of left ear. Colour 3: Muzzle-to-chest-to-belly. Colour 4: Faint lining of fur between the main body and the muzzle/chest/belly region, faint lining of fur between the main fur and the stripes on his back, the lining of fur between the main body and the mound of fur around the base of his tail, and the tip of his tail (last quarter of the tail). Colour 5: Flesh of the inner ear, nose, hand, feet and tail.

Colors in Palette

Color Hex RGB
#cc5500 (204,85,0)
#7b3f00 (123,63,0)
#e5e4e2 (229,228,226)
#1e1c1b (30,28,27)
#ffc0cb (255,192,203)

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Meerrat color palette
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