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Mysterious person Color Palette

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Someone liked each pallete on my page (except for several new ones). I don't know if it is a lag or not. But if this person is real, thank you. It is very nice to know that someone likes them. If you visit my page again, comment under this pallete. I really want to know who you are.

Colors in Palette

Color Hex RGB
#ffd0e0 (255,208,224)
#c39eba (195,158,186)
#876c94 (135,108,148)
#4c3a6e (76,58,110)
#100848 (16,8,72)

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6 Jul 2021, 15:04 Kiri1312

This palette is so beautiful! Im going to use it for one of my ocs.

7 Jun 2018, 15:51 Shinysplashes

Just saw this! And yes, of course!

18 May 2018, 11:45 Eecada

Oh, it is really nice to hear that you like my palletes, it really warms my heart. I don't know when you'll read this tho because, yes, there are no notifications. But still, thank you a lot!

17 May 2018, 16:01 Shinysplashes

I just found your account. :) I love the palettes you create.~ I wish at some point they'd make it possible for us to be notified if someone comments or likes our palettes, otherwise we don't know who did it. Keep up the good work though, and I hope you find your mysterious person!

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