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PornHub Color Palette

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Main colors from a popular adult content website

Colors in Palette

Color Hex RGB
#ffa31a (255,163,26)
#808080 (128,128,128)
#292929 (41,41,41)
#1b1b1b (27,27,27)
#ffffff (255,255,255)

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PornHub color palette
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15 Nov 2021, 16:17 ppgobbler

check me out there at ppgobbler

10 Sep 2019, 5:19 ColorBoy


7 May 2019, 17:55 thetruemage

the actual orange is supposed to be ffa500. its more accurate imo.

26 Apr 2019, 2:17 They_never_did

love it

18 Apr 2019, 6:02 oldfart

I did not know if by using the actual brand name if it could be taken badly. It's just a word and colors i think. If there's an issue we can change the name...

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