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midas1romeo2messiah3necessity4 Color Palette

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02.22.22 and maybe i miss you more than you know. more than id know. and youre next to me and im smothered and i try to keep it cool but theres an iron weight on my chest. you hold explosives like old lovers and commune with angels. i scrub my concern from my skin. i talk to you about the moon and the earth and everything unwritten and you apologize as your blood drips on my sh√łes. but the lull of your words makes me forget how id hate you under any other circumstance. and i cant explain the tether ive dug into your skin and why i wont let go. you spill nonsense and speak like the sky and i feel like the world will end tomorrow. i pour my heart out with every word i say to you. and i can only hope you catch the silent prayers in-between.

Colors in Palette

Color Hex RGB
#ffecf4 (255,236,244)
#ead1dc (234,209,220)
#d5a6bd (213,166,189)
#c27ba0 (194,123,160)
#a64d79 (166,77,121)

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