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Appetazing Color Palette

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Primary: #F2E8CF (Light Yellow) - A light yellow, reminiscent of a ripe lemon, provides a bright and cheerful base for displaying recipes and food photos. Secondary: #D3E0C9 (Light Sage Green) - A calming light green, similar to fresh spring leaves, complements the yellow and adds a touch of nature. Accent 1: #FFB74D (Light Peach) - A soft peach color bridges the gap between the yellow and green, adding warmth and a touch of sweetness. Accent 2: #E5C287 (Warm Orange) - A vibrant orange accent, similar to a juicy orange, injects energy and stimulates the appetite.

Colors in Palette

Color Hex RGB
#f2e8cf (242,232,207)
#d3e0c9 (211,224,201)
#ffb74d (255,183,77)
#e5c287 (229,194,135)
#aaaaaa (170,170,170)

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