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Dark Core Color Palette

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Dark Core is the first ever male alicorn to roam Equestria, standing at 10 and a half feet tall he dwarfs Celestia in size. His Coat is A deep jet black (Color 1) that absorbs almost all light that touches him He has an iridescent Emerald green (Color 2). His Mane and tail is a drab gunmetal grey(color 3). His eyes that seem to be able to enchant any mare are a bright Metallic Gold (Color 4) allowing him to usually get what he wants when it comes to females from time to time his eyes will change to this galactic purple usually when he's suffering a great pain, or lost in thought (Color 5)

Colors in Palette

Color Hex RGB
#0a0a0a (10,10,10)
#008000 (0,128,0)
#2a3439 (42,52,57)
#d4af37 (212,175,55)
#5500fd (85,0,253)

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